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end of lease cleaning guide

End Of Lease Cleaning Ultimate & Essential Guide For Tenants

End of lease cleaning is the most common word for the tenant as they have to do the moving out cleaning at the end of their tenancy. But in most cases, it has been seen that tenant itself starts cleaning the house. For the best cleaning and to get back your bond money you need expert advice.

For your bond cleaning, deep house cleaning is necessary without leaving any spot unclean. In this blog, we are providing the ultimate guide for your exit cleaning so that you can restore your house correctly.

Necessary Guide For End Of Lease Cleaning

1) Make a Checklist

Making a cleaning checklist will help you understand where to start and where to end. The cleaning checklist also works as a plan, you don’t get confused.

Your cleaning checklist should include bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bedroom cleaning, etc. Always start cleaning the high-traffic zone of your house.

2) Empty Your House

It is very crucial to empty your house before you start your end of lease cleaning. Emptying the place gives you a better view of cleaning and you can clean every corner of the house.

If your house is left with the landlord’s furniture, always make sure to clean the house by removing furniture aside. You might notice some hidden dust under the table.

3) Top-To-Bottom Cleaning

Start by cleaning the ceiling, then move to the bottom. Clean your ceiling fan after eliminating all of the cobwebs from every nook and corner. Focusing on the ceiling and next to the ceiling fan, windows, and light fixture is the best way of an exit cleaning.

The bottom part of the job comes next, which involves mopping the floors and cleaning them to make sure no dirt or dust is left behind.

4) Use the Right Tool

Select a vacuum that can clean more than just your carpets, and confirm that it is equipped with that ability. The items your house needs should be purchased with investments. Your vacuum should be able to clean carpets, curtains, and other objects. They could get things going and help you maintain a nice home.

5) Kitchen Cleaning

Given how messy and greasy the kitchen is, cleaning it is a must. Your oven is the first appliance in the kitchen that requires the greatest attention and time. To remove all the filth and grease, make a paste by combining 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of water.

Applying this paste into the oven, it should be left there overnight. Use a wet cloth to clean it in the morning. Spray vinegar and water on tough stains before removing them with a cloth.

It’s time to empty the dishwasher. You can now pour one cup of vinegar into the soap bottle. Start the dishwasher’s hot water cycle. Any food, oil, soap scum, or other material still present will be broken down by vinegar.

6) Bathroom Cleaning

Another essential chore is cleaning the bathroom. You must clean the bathroom extremely carefully to get it ready for the new renter since the majority of tenants desire clean bathrooms when they first move in.

The best way to clean the bathroom floor is with the help of baking soda and detergent liquid. Make a paste with baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Spread the paste all over the bathroom with your toilet brush. Now rub while sprinkling water over it.

Let it sit for a few minutes and wash it off. For your toilet bowl also you can use the same ingredient. If you have natural stone flooring in the bathroom, use detergent powder and water to wash the bathroom floor.

7) Wall Spot

It’s challenging to get stains off the wall. There may be many stains, cobwebs, dust particles, or fingerprints on your wall. Cleaning a painted wall will be more difficult than cleaning an unpainted wall. Use a gallon of lukewarm water and a cup of white vinegar to clean the walls. Because vinegar leaves no residue, there is no need to rinse it thoroughly.

8) Vacuuming and Mopping

When using your machine to vacuum up the dust from your carpet, it is often a good idea to vacuum more slowly. Use an attachment to completely clean allergies, grit, and dust from your carpets. You will have better results more rapidly if you do this.

Typically, it is advised to mop the floor after you have finished cleaning and vacuuming. If there is any dust left behind after cleaning, you may mop the floor to get it cleaned again.


End of lease cleaning is a crucial task and is related to your bond deposit. So to clean in the right way you will find the ultimate guide for your end of tenancy cleaning or moving out cleaning in this blog.

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