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bond cleaning myths

Some General Myths About Bond Cleaning

When you are owning a rented property, the time has come for you to vacate. Given that your bond money is tied to cleaning, end of lease cleaning should come first. It’s possible that you conducted extensive online research and considered implementing it. On the internet, several cleaning myths might jeopardize your security deposit. You will not get a quality result.

Any expert would advise you to contact bond cleaning services for thorough cleaning if you ask them. Because your landlord is not a buddy, who will overlook the messy area? Instead, your landlord will consider how dirty the house is, which might have an impact on your bond payment. So, to dispel some myths about exit cleaning or bond cleaning, we’ll go through 10 of them in this article.

Bond Cleaning Services Myths

1) Bond Cleaning and Regular Cleaning are the Same

If you think that bond back cleaning is comparable to routine cleaning. You share the same true belief of countless families that think this cleaning duty is no different from others. This is wrong since before leaving your house permanently, you must make sure that you haven’t destroyed anything.

Depending on the conclusion of the landlord’s hourly check of the property, you may or may not get your bond money back. This suggests that you will need to give your furnishings, fittings, integrated ovens and microwaves, chimneys, floors, walls, and ceilings extra attention.

2) Your Bins Germs and Smell will Go with Lemon

A lemon may make your garbage disposal smell better, but it does nothing to lessen the number of germs that are there. But if you leave lemon even for an extra day, it will begin to decompose and begin to stink instead of emitting fragrance. Cleaning the bin with a cleaning agent or warm water and soap will give a better result.

3) Vinegar can Clean Anything

Although vinegar is acidic, not everything can be cleaned with it. Vinegar works great for cleaning stainless steel, ceramic tile, and other surfaces. But with granite, marble, etc., vinegar doesn’t work any better. There are pores in natural stones like granite and marble. When you use vinegar to clean these stones, the vinegar penetrates the stone, doing more harm than good.

4) A Dishwasher may be left Running Without Cleaning

You shouldn’t leave the dishwasher dirty since your landlord or real estate agent will be watching it closely. Your bond money may be forfeited if they discover any food residue in it. Therefore, properly clean every device before departing as tasks like oven cleaning and dishwasher cleaning are essential. For sanitary reasons, you should always clean the dishwasher.

5) Regular Vacuuming might Harm your Carpet

It will only lengthen the life of your carpet if you vacuum it regularly. The only exception to this misconception is the kind of carpet you have. Regular vacuuming may harm carpet fibres made of wool or other natural, non-synthetic materials. Reading the standard instructions for this kind of carpet is always recommended. The carpet should even be regularly vacuumed, according to bond cleaning services.

6) Cleaning and Disinfection are Identical Terms

Most people consider cleaning and disinfecting to be identical terms. But both are different and should be performed differently. Cleaning is the process of removing dirt and dust from surfaces, which also destroys some germs but leaves others behind. Cleaning is crucial since it helps to lower the number of germs in the air. On the other hand, disinfecting uses chemicals to destroy bacteria that are present on surfaces.

7) Cleaning is Ineffective Compared to Disinfecting

In reality, cleaning and disinfection go side by side. Thoroughly clean and get rid of surface dust, filth, and grime before disinfecting. The chemicals in disinfection treatments might react with surface grime and stop them from efficiently removing germs. Avoid wasting your time and work by not cleaning everything completely before using a disinfectant!

8) DIY Solutions start Working Instantly

The cleaning solution has no chemicals because you are producing it at home. Let it sit for a while, then wipe it off using DIY cleaning solutions to remove surface stains.

9) The Washing Machine can be Sanitized Using Mouthwash

Some germs can be treated with mouthwash to make them harmless, but a capful won’t be enough to clean your washing machine. Soap, warm water, and a brush are necessary for the thorough cleaning of the equipment. A mild, all-purpose sanitizing solution should be poured completely within the machine. Next, give it at least five to ten minutes to rest. Rinse with water.

10) A Carpet That Has Been Steam Cleaned May Contain Mold And Stain

You shouldn’t panic and get your carpets professionally cleaned. Stop worrying about whether or not they will smell rotten. Once you’ve had your carpet cleaned by a specialist, you’ll regret waiting so long. No need to be concerned about mould or damaged carpets; professional cleaning is safe for your floor and health. It also removes stubborn stains from the carpet.


People are prone to believe myths readily. Even if you were considering conducting your bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning. Then doing so might not be a smart idea. Your landlord wants your house to be as you entered. You will also use the internet in your favour to clean the space on your own. something you are unaware of because some cleaning solutions are myths and don’t function that way. To calm your concerns and continue using the DIY method. Peruse this blog carefully.

For better bond cleaning services, you can rely on our professional bond cleaners. We have the best bond cleaners in Brisbane. They take good care of your home cleaning every crevice and stain in every room, even the walls. If you want affordable cleaning services, contact us right away. Our goal is customer satisfaction.