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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q.1 - How much does a bond cleaning price?

    Bond cleaning costs vary, and it depends on the size and condition of the property to be cleaned and depends on how old the property is. Our Bond Cleaning starting price is $120. We can only provide an accurate quote after the inspection of the house, and once the price is agreed upon, then no additional costs are charged. Hence, you can only identify the exact quote after inspection.

  • Q.2 - How long does bond cleaning take?

    Bond cleaning is a process in which the house is completely cleaned, and attention is given to every corner of your property. Therefore, bond cleaning can take approximately 3 to 7 hours per home. But still, the condition of the house portrays a major role in determining the time it may take as each property has its different requirements. Hence, the time taken for cleaning depends upon the condition and size of the property.

  • Q.3 - How much do you charge for per hour cleaning?

    The average rate per hour cleaning is approximately ranging between AUD 30.00 to AUD 50.00. This rate may differ in some cases considering the kind of work required and the professionalism of the cleaners. The average cost per hour depends on many other factors as well according to the specific needs of the customers.

  • Q.4 - How much do you charge for wall wash?

    We charge for wall washing $20/wall. Wall washing is always an additional service. The customer only wants it when their real estate or property owner asks them to get it done; otherwise, the wall spot cleaning is already a part of Bond Cleaning. Wall wash is provided, which includes the thorough cleaning of the walls from top to bottom. We remove the stains, pencil marks, and other dirt in wall washing(Excluding permanent marks like paintwork). We make sure to use professional tools to achieve perfection in cleaning. The cost is only decided after analysing the condition and size of the walls to be cleaned.

Where We Deliver Our Services?

We offer high-quality bond cleaning services in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Our main motive is try to deliver quality cleaning in all Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We deliver our services in

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Cheap Bond Cleaning provides Brisbane's best residential cleaning services. Our prices are low, but try our best to provide high quality. So for high-quality service at a low cost, Choose us and get our services. Anyone can book with us because we have an easy booking process. Our simple booking process is.


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