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house cleaning tricks

Fast & Effective House Cleaning Tips

But, if you can’t afford Professional Cleaners and want the cleaning to be done by yourself, you can follow some of our tips that will help you clean quickly and efficiently. We consulted some cleaning experts to get some house cleaning tips and tricks, which will help you save some extra time while cleaning.

We all would agree on the one fact that we all think house cleaning is one of the most tiresome and one of the most tedious jobs to do in the household. But no matter what we believe, it is an unavoidable thing, and we can not avoid it. It takes a massive amount of our time, and even if we clean house thoroughly, we are left unsatisfied. Cleaning is one of the most monotonous activity, and you feel like you are doing one thing repeatedly, and because of this, we feel like it’s very dull and challenging. Most people are so busy with their lives and jobs that it is hard to find spare time to clean the house. Bond Cleaning Services is the ideal solution for such people. From carpet cleaning to pest control, bond cleaning services provide everything. They also have professional cleaners with years of expertise who will be able to clean your house in no time.


Who doesn’t want to finish cleaning as soon as possible, right? We know for a fact that most people want to make cleaning easier. You need not worry and give yourself an advantage over the hard work associated with cleaning a house with a few house cleaning tips and tricks that will make house cleaning fun and make it simpler, fast and efficient.

1. Finish a Job, then move on to the Next!

When you start cleaning, always make sure that when you are doing a task, you complete that task in every single room and then move on to the next task. Don’t clean one whole room at a time and then move onto the other room. This process will save a lot of time as when you only clean one entire room at a time, you will feel like you’re in an endless circle because you have to start that task over and over again.

2. Categorize The Clutter

Before you start cleaning the room, make sure you clear the clutter and get rid of the pile first. Take three boxes, one for the items you have to throw, one for the items you’re going to keep, and one for the things you have to give for recycling. Please pick up the items from the pile and decide what you want to do with them, and sort that item into their respective box.

3. Keep a trolley for all your tools

Always try to keep all the cleaning tools you think you will need in a bucket or a trolley. This is one of the essential house cleaning tips and will probably save you a lot of time. If you don’t follow this tip, you will have to get up every time to get the following equipment, because of which you will waste time, and your chances of getting distracted will increase too. With this tip, you can clean your house in no time; you won’t waste any time looking for tools here and there.

4. Play Some Music 

Who doesn’t love music? Whether it’s soft music, heavy metal, or rap, we all have different taste in music, but we all would agree on a point that everything becomes ten times more interesting if we play music in the background. Listening to music elevates your mood, gets your body moving and keeps your brain occupied when cleaning the house. The flow of music can break the boredom associated with house cleaning, and it will help you clean your home more efficiently.

5. Divide and Rule

The More, The Merrier. You can use this technique while cleaning your house. Divide the house chores between your family and make cleaning a team activity. This is the best way to clean the house fast and efficiently. When the family works together, a family member can do the cleaning in no time, and you can even add some fun to it by adding some games to it which you can play among your family. For example, divide a team among your family members or play this game solo, assign some points to every chore you plan to do and maintain a score sheet; whoever does a task gains some point. At the end of the week, whichever team or member has most of the facts, will be declared as the winner and awarded some prize.

6. Remove Bad Odour from Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

Carpet cleaning can be a bit tough, but you can remove the odour from your carpet with this tip. Start by vacuuming your carpet to remove all the dirt and debris from your carpet; sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over your carpet and brush the baking soda deep into the carpet’s fibre using a soft brush. Let it sit over your carpet for a while. The more you let it sit, the better the results will be. After the last step, vacuum up the baking soda from the carpet. Repeat the steps if you can still smell the odour. Mix up 2-3 drops of essential choice of your choice with 5-6 drops of water and put it in the diffuser; if you don’t have a diffuser put the solution in an atomizer or a spray bottle and spray it in your room and enjoy the fresh smell in your house.

These given tricks will help you in house cleaning, saving your time and extra efforts. But sometimes, no one has that much of enough time to clean a house. Does that time question arise what we do in that situation? No worries, for this we introduce “Cheap Bond Cleaning Group“. At Cheap Bond Cleaning, you can find professional cleaners for your house cleaning needs.

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