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Some Areas Which You Forget During Home Cleaning

It’s very typical for you to forget to clean any surface of your home. It doesn’t mean you have made a mistake. When cleaning house chores all alone, forgetting things is common. The thing we often forget to clean is those which are either small or out of our reach.

But most of the time ignored items might cause health issues when you missed vital things in the kitchen. Here are 8 things in your home you are forgetting to clean. With our house cleaning secret, you can avoid forgetting things that need to be cleaned.

House Areas You Leave Without Clean

1) Kitchen

The handles of several objects are frequently touched when preparing and slicing food. One of them is the handle on the refrigerator and a handle on a cupboard that we frequently neglect to clean. It can encourage the growth of germs and bacteria if kept unclean for several days.

To clean it properly use our home cleaning pro tips, which will help you clean without using a chemical cleaner.

Clean all kitchen appliances once a week with the help of this DIY technique. Take an empty spray bottle and fill that bottle with 50:50 water and white vinegar. Spray over the required surface and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

2) Washing Machine

The majority of individuals don’t even realize that washing machines require cleaning, it is a reality. Detergent and filth build up inside washing machines due to frequent use. And you don’t want to wash your garments in a dirty washing machine, which will just make them filthy. Therefore, our professional cleaner advises cleaning the washing machine every three to four months.

The washing machine’s inside is extremely warm and damp, making it the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and germs. Our professional home cleaning secret is to use vinegar to clean your washing machine. Only use 2 cups of vinegar and warm water to run your washing machine. After that, wash it in clean water and use a fresh microfiber cloth to clean the washing machine’s inside.

3) Light Switches & Door knobs

Light switches and door knobs are the most frequently used things. We often touch light switches while our hands are dirty and the same case with the door knobs. You might constantly wonder bathroom to be the most polluted place but in reality, it’s not true. Most people clean their bathroom properly but forget about these small appliances and door knobs.

The most fantastic home cleaning secret is to use white vinegar to disinfect your doorknobs and light switches. You may use any sort of cleaner available on the market to clean your light switches, or you can just use white vinegar. Nothing should be sprayed directly on the switches. Spray on your microfiber cloth and then wash it properly. Later wipe the switches and door knob with a clean and dry cloth.

4) Computer Devices

After the pandemic, most people are working from home only. When doing the office how often do you clean your desktop when you cough and sneeze? In most cases, people never bother to clean and ignore them. This ignorance can cost your and your colleagues’ health.

You should clean the keyboard and mouse properly these two things are the most germ-carrying devices. To get rid of bacteria and stop germs from spreading throughout your house, clean your desk and other office supplies with disinfectant wipes. A soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in soapy water can also be used to gently clean the surface after removing the keyboard and mouse from your computer.

5) TV Remote Controller

To my knowledge is the most used and the dirtiest thing in the house. The fact that you often switch channels during meals is a real health hazard because your remote control is probably contaminated with food crumbs, oil, and dust particles. One of the most touched items in every home is a remote control or similar gadget, including a cell phone. This implies that you should also thoroughly clean your TV remote whenever you decide to deep clean your home.

To clean the grooves of the remote where most of the dirt has accumulated. Dip your cotton earbuds in cleaning agents and clean them and then wipe them off. Clean your remote often to stay away from germs.

6) Ice Cube Tray

Without giving it a second thought, it is simple to keep ice cube trays filled for months. However, trays can get contaminated by leftover food or freezer aromas. Plastic ice cube trays must be routinely cleaned for hygiene reasons. Each time the trays are empty, they must be washed thoroughly with hot water and dish soap. Additionally, you may put many on the top rack in your dishwasher.

7) The Refrigerator’s Bottom

This location is never noticed since it serves no use. However, pet hair and food crumbs collect there and draw ants into your house. It is very essential to clean under the refrigerator by using a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning more often will not let any dust accumulate under the fridge.

8) Mobile and Tablet Screen

Mobile and tablets are the most used things nowadays. But we forget to clean these appliances. You don’t even know how many germs are there on its screen. The best and easy house cleaning tip is just to use cleaning wipes or you can just spray sanitiser on its screen and wipe it off.


Most frequently, we overlook minute details that are just as crucial as other household items. You might be fostering the growth of bacteria in your home by neglecting to clean such inconsequential objects as light switches, door knobs, smartphone displays, etc. This site includes many home cleaning secrets that will help you take care of the sometimes overlooked regions of the house.

Even if you need house cleaning services to help, we are an expert home cleaning Brisbane that provides its explicit cleaning service without leaving any spot in your house. Our cleaners are experienced and well-trained.