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Your House Is In Good Hands

Your House Is In Good Hands 31 Jan

Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane – A Best Cleaning Company

We at Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane, scrubbing, mopping, wiping all the stains off the walls and practically every nook and corner of your house that you’re about to give up because of the end of your tenancy period. Scrubbing that oven, removing the cobwebs, dusting the furniture, spic and span cleaning of your windows from the inside out, cleaning the mirrors, wiping your rented house of all the scum the naked eye or the naked finger can touch and oh how can we forget the bathroom floor and scrubbing the toilet.

You understand right? But the thing to note is- how doing all this would have made you feel happy at a point, but now it’ll feel like days wasted. Why? This is because who wants to scrub the oven to make it look as good as new when you’re no longer going to use it again. However, if you do not put the time and efforts to restore the house to its prior condition, you might end up losing some or all of the bond deposit from your landlord. It is a requisite deposit that your landlord insists on you depositing as security against the house. It usually equals one month of your house rent. But amidst the maddening list of ‘to do’ things before you move into your new house, you can slash the cleaning job from your numerous things to do and hand it over to us.

Why get your house cleaned?

The primary reason you have to clean your house or get it cleaned from professional bond cleaners is to get the entire bond back. Your landlord or the real estate agent will have a checklist detailing the condition everything at the house was when you first moved in. these might include carpets, any fixtures, any furniture, the condition of the wall, windows, etc. and will thus compare it to the condition they are in when you are about to leave. This is done to compare the damage if any that might have occurred during your course of tenancy ignoring wear and tear due to usage.

To save money now, could cost you more money in the long run. If your house is found dirty or damaged, your landlord will deduct a portion of your deposit to get it cleaned professionally. Why not you get it cleaned yourself? They might even deduct an extra amount for damages and not maintain the property well. So to ensure you get your bond money in full, it is imperative that you hire a professional house cleaning company. We are the most affordable bond cleaners in East Brisbane and deliver top-class services.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer our customers a 7-day free re-clean guarantee if our cleaning doesn’t pass their level of expectations which is next to impossible. This is why the leeway of 7 days. We come and re-clean the areas you thought weren’t clean enough.

Removing any dirt or scum from the walls and floors can ensure that the house looks good and almost new. Sometimes your new tenants, require you to procure references from past landlords, in case you gave up an old house looking drab and dirty, you might face troubles renting other properties. Why do you want to risk so much? Book your slot right away with the most professional bond cleaners in East Brisbane.

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