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Tidy Home, Happy Home

Tidy Home, Happy Home 27 Jan

End Of Lease Cleaning

There is a massive difference between a general upkeep sweeping or cleaning and bond or end of lease cleaning. It isn’t easy to clean the house that matches the standard that is required for bond or end of lease cleaning. When you book the most affordable bond cleaning services in East Brisbane we make sure we deliver world-class services. It takes a lot of detailing and effort to clean your house in order to get back the full bond amount. Don’t let the dust pile up while you’re moving out. It could lease to numerous problems and diseases.

Trust our abilities to clean and tidy homes, residential apartments, commercial properties, townhomes. We clean the properties of all shapes and sizes. We also offer specific area cleaning in case you don’t want a full-fledged bond or exit cleaning done. The prices may differ depending on the area to be cleaned and the size. You can now go for a free quote on our website and get an estimate. We’re flexible and can help you out whatever the condition might be.

Our services

We put in a lot of efforts to choose the best team so that you get a service that’s par excellence. They go through rigorous selection processes to choose bond cleaners. Everyone wants to choose cleaners that are best at what they do, are compassionate, friendly, professional and quick. We have checklists and criteria that must be fulfilled by the cleaners for them to be selected. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and a free re-clean in case our services fail to impress (which is pretty rare).

Our Cleaning Area

Kitchen: cobwebs, ceiling fans, stove tops, cabinets, stove fans, counter tops, microwave, oven, fixtures, and fittings, scrub the sinks, the stainless- steel surfaces or appliances, mop kitchen, and laundry floors, wipe the laundry area, vacuum and clean the rugs and kitchen carpets.

Bathroom and toilets- Remove cobwebs, scrub and clean sinks, showers, mop the floors, clean the toilet, we wipe and dust, spots, marks from the bathroom walls and tiles. Special attention is paid while cleaning and vacuuming bathroom rugs.

We also clean, mop and wipe all stains, marks, spots from anywhere and everywhere you want us to.

Our service speaks for itself

A lot of times, we are faced with questions like do our customers have to be present while the end of lease cleaning is going on? The answer is no- it’s absolutely fine and acceptable if you inform us in advance what needs to be done and by the time you’re back it shall be over and done with living you spellbound with our quality of cleaning and services rendered. You also don’t have to worry about any mishaps happening, we are insured and bonded. Our customers have only good things to talk about how well our bond cleaners performed the services. Impeccable service and unmatched cleaning are all we have to offer for our valuable customers.

We do a great job at making your house shine, we have nothing to hide from our customers. We give you 100 % guarantee of satisfaction and a free re-clean in case you aren’t satisfied. Book your appointment today with the most affordable bond cleaning services in East Brisbane.

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