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Most Awaited Festival – Oktoberfest

Most Awaited Festival – Oktoberfest 4 Oct

Oktoberfest Festival

A two-week of the festival comes with happiness every year in Munich, Germany which is known as Oktoberfest. This is a famous festival in Germany. Brisbane is also one of the city who celebrates this festival on a large scale. This festival is also one of the most awaited festivals in Brisbane especially students like this festival a lot. Around six million people take participate in this festival every year from all around the world. This festival is also known as a beer festival.

The countdown has started for Brisbane’s largest German festival which is known as Oktoberfest. In Australia, every year the universities are noted for the celebration of this festival. Because students celebrate this festival so badly and also they spoil the environment of the university area. In 2012, the university council has banned this festival in university campus grounds. It is celebrated in the first two weekends of October. It offers a variety of German beers, wines, food, beer hall music, dance, singing performances and so on. Let’s get ready for this festival in Brisbane.

What’s happening at Oktoberfest?

1) A Trip To Germany
The lucky winner who will win this contest. He will get a chance to explore and experience the amazing and also beautiful country called Germany.

2) Tips for Digital Wallet
This festival is coming to Brisbane on Friday for its first weekend this year. This year let’s try to make this festival most memorable.

3) Orange Sky
In Orange sky, it provides clean clothes for homelessness people. Orange sky provides a platform with a safe, positive and also helpful environment for people who need it.

4) Programs
Many programs are also going to happen in this festival like Oktoberfest Tent in Munich Biergarten and German Connections Area.

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