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Some Amazing Tips To Get Full Bond Money Back

Some Amazing Tips To Get Full Bond Money Back 7 Dec

Tips To Get Bond Money Back

If you plan to move out of your rented house or apartment, you need to know everything about how to get your bond money back. In most cases, the bond money will be at least equal to the rent of four weeks. Would you want to lose it in any case? We heard a big NO!

The main aim here is to vacate the property in a situation similar to what you had first moved in here. Packing up your things and cleaning the apartment is of the essence here.

There are two ways of cleaning up the rented property. Firstly, you could hire a professional who is thorough with his job. This would include a very stringent cleaning process. The professional would be required to steam clean the carpets, scrub the toilets, clean the shower and take care of other such cleaning jobs. This would bring in a lot of expertise and experience into the work you are doing. Another way to go about it would be by doing it on your own. If you believe that you have been able to maintain the house in proper condition over the years, then just a little finishing touch would do the work for you.

Making a checklist here would prove to be beneficial that would make the job easier for you. Depending on the intensity of cleaning required and the size of the property, you could either hire the professional help to clean up yourself.

Areas to Target for Getting Your Bond Money Back

  • Walls and doors

The walls of the property would be one of the first things everyone notices in a house. So, make sure there are no scratches or marks on the walls and no colours spoiling the look of it. This can be done with simple sugar soap and a sponge mop. All you have to do is dust the walls and doors to remove the dust before you put some liquid into it.

  • Windows

The best way to keep the windows in good condition would be to clean them on a regular basis. But if that wasn’t the case and you need to get the work done in a few days, resorting to cleaning products would be a good idea. Ensure that the interiors and exteriors are taken care of including the curtains or the blinds.

  • Bathrooms

It is important to maintain the sanitary conditions in a house and that is why cleaning the bathroom will help you get your bond money back. Use a lot of disinfectants to keep the toilets clean. A number of toilet cleaning products might also come in handy here. Make sure you scrub the toilet floors and scrub clean the corners.

  • Carpeted areas

When you leave the house or apartment, make sure that the carpets are well kept. Any discolouration in the carpets could lead to a major setback for the process of getting your bond money back. Also remember, simple vacuuming the carpets won’t do the job for you! The best idea here would be hiring professionals and going for a steam cleaning treatment.

  • Outdoors

A house looks beautiful with a small garden or a patio area. But maintaining these areas is important. You could get rid of any wastes, including plants and twigs, and clean the outdoors thoroughly. No junk items should be lying around when you move out.

Ultimate Bond Cleaning Brisbane Tips

  • Immediate action on messes

It is best to take care of dirt and messes as and when they happen. If there is a coffee stain, clean it up immediately instead of waiting for later. Your bond cleaning Brisbane work gets easier if you have a clean lifestyle at home.

  • Pretend like you are moving in

Everyone would want their new house or apartment to be in top conditions. So, when you move out, clean the house like you are just moving in and keep everything settled. This will give you the landlord’s perspective of cleanliness at home.

  • Professional cleaners

We often tend to overlook this option because we believe cleaning the house won’t be that difficult. But the fact is, professional help can bring in their expertise into the process and get the job done more smoothly and more efficiently. There is never a dearth of professional bond cleaners in Australia, so make sure you find yourself a good one.

  • Attention to the lease conditions

When you sign the lease to rent a new apartment, make sure you read the conditions well. If for instance, the lease prevents the use of nails and paint on the walls and if you happen to have made some changes on to the walls with nails, it might just cost you your bond money. Also, keep a note of the leases that do not allow pets at home. If you have pets in spite of that, you would have to pay extra for damage by pets.

  • Keeping photographs

Some landlords might be a little more troublesome than the others. Keeping photographs of your house when you moved in would help you get your bond money back. If your landlord complains at the end of your tenure, you could produce photographs to bring parity between the current situations and that of the house when you had moved in.

  • Double-check

Before you return the keys to your landlord, double-check the situation of the property in order to make sure it is in good condition.

Moving out from your existing property is never an easy process. This would include a lot of bond cleaning and packaging to be done. Plus, there is the whole headache about moving into your new house and settling down there. But getting the bond money back is also important. So, taking help from professionals would be the best option here. Make sure you make a list of the places to be cleaned during the process so that you can leave your house in the best possible condition. This will ensure that your landlord has nothing to complain about.


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